Joint Replacements

We offer total as well as partial knee replacements to patients, depending on their symptoms and levels of activity. Some people only have parts of their knee joint affected by arthritis and occasionally, in these situations, it may be appropriate to preserve some of the native joint and replace only the worn out parts. This is called a partial knee replacement and can involve only one side of the knee joint or sometimes only the knee cap and its reciprocating surface. This then allows a quicker recovery and more natural feeling of the knee compared to a total knee replacement.

We use specialised anaesthetic techniques before and during operation that allows patients to mobilise rapidly following their joint replacement. This helps them to recover from surgery and return home quickly, thereby reducing unnecessary time spent in the hospital. We provide patients with expert inpatient physiotherapy, to allow them to regain their mobility safely and promptly.

Consultations Held At

Cleveland Clinic London Outpatient Centre, 24 Portland Place, London, W1B 1LU