Ligament Reconstructions

We routinely undertake routine and complex ligament reconstructions of the knee. The commonest of these is the anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and we usually perform this using the patient’s own tendons or occasionally donor tissue and even synthetic ligaments, depending on what is most appropriate for each individual. Occasionally, more than one ligament is injured and requires reconstruction, including the posterior cruciate ligament, the medial collateral ligament or the postero-lateral corner. We perform such complex multi-ligament reconstructions either in the same sitting or in a staged fashion, depending on what is suitable for each patient.

We undertake revision surgery in patients who have had their ligaments reconstructed in the past that have subsequently failed and also perform augmentation procedures on patients who continue to be troubled with symptoms of instability despite having had their ligaments reconstructed. We specialise in treating individuals who are hypermobile and have generalised ligamentous laxity.

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