Patient Information


Depending on the condition and its urgency, we are able to offer prompt outpatient consultation appointments for the vast majority of the patients, within 24-48 hours and occasionally on the same day, if required. We can organise routine and specialised investigations as required and can also organise immediate inpatient admission at one of the private hospitals to provide both operative as well as non-operative treatment in modern, state of the art facilities, in a pleasant, comfortable environment. If your condition requires other specialists’ opinions, we can usually organise this urgently as well, to ensure you receive complete treatment for your condition. In case of elderly patients, we can organise assessment by ortho-geriatric physicians, who specialise in dealing with the elderly injured patients.


Surgery is performed on an emergency or urgent basis if required or in a planned fashion for the more chronic conditions. We have the expertise to deal with a wide variety of orthopaedic conditions and ensure the best possible pre and post operative care for all our patients. Surgery can be performed at any one of 4 private hospitals in central London, which have excellent travel links and therefore are easily accessible for friends and family members to visit.


Our anaesthetists are able to provide general anaesthesia, spinal anaesthesia as well as epidurals and other regional anaesthetic techniques, depending on the surgery and requirements of the patient. You will always have the opportunity to meet with your anaesthetist prior to your surgery to discuss your needs and concerns regarding the anaesthesia.

Consultations Held At

60 Grove End Road,
St Mary’s Hospital
Lindo Wing, Paddington
W2 1NY
Charing Cross Hospital
Ward 15, Fulham Road,
W6 8RF
Welllington Place, St John’s Wood