Pre-Surgery Information


In cases of planned surgery, we will organise a check-up for you before your operation, to ensure that you are fit to undergo the anaesthetic and the surgical procedure. This may include chest x-rays, ECGs, blood tests and other investigations as required. In emergency surgery, we will also be able to organise the required investigations while you are admitted as an inpatient.


During your consultations, you will be explained your operation in details, including the risks and benefits associated with it. On the day of the surgery (occasionally on the day before, in case of inpatients), you will once again be explained the procedure and asked to sign a consent form agreeing to the surgery. Please feel free to ask all questions and clarify any doubts you have about the operation before or during the consenting process.


In most cases of planned surgery, you will be admitted on the day of the operation, unless there are issues that need to be dealt with, on an inpatient basis, prior to the surgery; for example, dealing with your coagulation if you are on heparin.

We perform a large number of day case procedures, where you are admitted and discharged on the same day of the surgery, provided you are fit for this and your home and personal circumstances allow for this to happen. Otherwise, we can organise an overnight stay in these situations. Most of our soft tissue knee surgeries are performed as day case procedures.

You will be provided clear instructions regarding the time and location to attend and also regarding timing for your last solid meal and fluids. We usually require patients to fast at least 6 hours prior to any surgery but they are allowed to drink water up to 2 hours before surgery.

For the more complex cases, you will require to stay as inpatient in the wards, for a necessary period. We can also organise admission and monitoring in a high dependency unit, for patients that require this.

Consultations Held At

Cleveland Clinic London Outpatient Centre, 24 Portland Place, London, W1B 1LU