Trauma and Fractures

At London Orthopaedics, we treat patients with a wide range of injuries and resulting deformities. We have extensive experience in dealing with Major Trauma and polytrauma and are regularly referred patients with war injuries, bomb blasts, gunshots and road traffic accidents, both in the UK and from abroad. We also deal with all types of routine and day to day fractures and injuries in both adults and children.

Elective knee procedures

We treat patients with all types of acute and chronic conditions of the knee and provide non-operative as well as operative treatment for the entire range of knee conditions

We offer knee replacements in patients suffering from degenerative conditions of the knee like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and can provide total knee replacement as well as partial knee replacements, as required. We use implants that have one of the best results and longest track records in the English Joint Registry.

We also deal with acute and chronic knee injuries and perform a large number of soft tissue reconstruction procedures of the knee including reconstruction of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments as well as the collateral ligaments. We treat meniscal injuries as well as injuries of other soft tissues around the knee like the Iliotibial band, the extensor mechanisms and the other muscles and tendons around the knee like the hamstrings and the gastrocnemius.

Consultations Held At

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St Mary’s Hospital
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